About Me

10714490_841273802573005_8718617374372042061_oBefore June 15, 2015, I might have written a very different “about me.” But for me, everything changed on that day–the day my son, Noah (also known here as “Frack”), was in a car accident that would take his life six days later. He was 17.

But Noah is only part of my story. I’m a mom of two amazing boys! Gavin (also known here as “Frack”), my other son, is equally awesome. I am also a proud military spouse, hard-working professional, independant woman, Crossfit geek, runner, wanna-be chef, photographer, and writer. I suppose some might call me a jack of all trades.

IMG_0157Life can surpise you when you least expect it. But it is amazing. Here, I share my personal and professional expereiences and stories of our crazy little family. I will also most likely share with you my journey of losing a child.

It’s messy. It’s chaotic. Sometimes it’s less than perfect. But I won’t go through life living one sad day at a time. My son would want us to be amazing. So, that’s what we are we’re going to do!

Welcome to our life. Enjoy!