About Me

10714490_841273802573005_8718617374372042061_oBefore June 15, 2015, I might have written a very different “about me.” But for me, everything changed on that day–the day my son, Noah (also known here as “Frack”), was in a car accident that would take his life six days later. He was 17.

But losing my baby is only part of my story. I’m a mom of two amazing boys! Gavin (also known here as “Frack”), my other son, is equally awesome. I am also a proud military spouse, hard-working, independant woman, Crossfit geek, runner, wanna-be chef, photographer, and writer. I suppose some might call me a jack of all trades.

IMG_0157Life can take your breath away when you least expect it. Sometimes, that’s a good thing. Other times, it’s hard to find your breath again. But we have to try. Every day.

Bleeping amazing is my comeback story. It’s messy. It’s chaotic. Sometimes it’s less than perfect. Let’s face it, sometimes life just sucks. But I won’t go through life living one sad day at a time. My son would want me to find the amazing. So, that’s what I’m going to do, one step at a time! Just…don’t judge me when I fall flat on my face. That totally happens.